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Here selling verified PayPal Accounts

Please Note : These accounts are not stolen or acquired through any illegal mean. These accounts are created
by me.

All the accounts, I am selling is 100% Working and Legit.

More info about Accounts

1. Account has been removed limit. There is an email "Your account has been restored" from Paypal.
2. Email Address Verified
3. Card & Bank added & Verified
4. You can also add another email address
5. You are also add another CC and Bank Account
6. Phone number is verified
7. Documents attached to the account: Driver License or Passport, SSN card.


We are not responsible for:

  • Limitation of your account
  • Sending / Receiving related issue
  • Merchant related issue


We are providing US & other Country Fully Verified PayPal Account, account should be verified with Bank, Card, Phone, Email and also SSN linked this is what we guarantee. We will be responsible if it is account related issues for example if a card isn’t linked or bank isn’t linked. Other than that it is too much to cover, creating all these accounts cost a lot of efforts and money this is not a business if we cover for everything, you should understand the basics / how to use a PayPal account, think logically:

  • Do not receive too much in the PayPal account you just received – Imagine you are PayPal security manager. A user suddenly received $1,000 in a new account, Is this questionable?
  • Be consistent – Imagine you are PayPal security manager – A user who usually receive $10 in payments and suddenly the user received $1,000 and keep trying to send the funds received out, Is this questionable?
  • Try not to refund on a new transaction – Imagine you are PayPal security manager, a user’s payment got held for 24 hours / 21 days for security check, and the user refunded the payment when the user found out that the trasaction got held. Is this questionable?
  • Do not try to send what you receive instantly – Imagine you are PayPal security manager, a user just received $100, the next second he tried to send it to another person, Is this questionable?

There are too much to list, hope you can understand what I am trying to say, if you are unhappy with this, do not purchase this.

Before Buying Read Below Questions

1. What is PayPal ?
=> You might be knowing PayPal is an international payment processor. Through which you can do any transaction online more securely and faster, even to a different county.

2. Why Should I need this ?
=> If you want to buy something online then you need to pay with you Credit/Debit Card or any other payment method. But if you have a PayPal account then you can do this more securely without having a rise of credit card theft.

Why should I buy PayPal accounts from you ?
=> Simple Answer to this Questions is ” There is no need to buy from me, you can create one yourself “.
But There is some points to note down.
–> If your account is verified only then you will be able to do any transaction.
–> Suppose If you don’t have CC and Bank Account. And your account is verified identity and tax code? How you will verify your account ?
–> Or if you want Anonymity and don’t want to share your cc, address or phone number.

3. How can I buy Accounts from you ?
=> You can simply buy account by paying in Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Vietcombank

4. What Information I Will Receive after paying ?
=> You will be provided with login credentials of PayPal account along with credentials of Email Used to verify that account.

5. In which country these accounts belong to ?
=> Accounts that I am selling belongs a lots of Country. If You need of any Country, Let me know first.

6. How to access PayPal account.
=> This is most important question
Please Use a VPN, VPS to access PayPal account.

7. Please Note :- I will not take any responsibility for any irresponsible transaction you make will these accounts.
And being getting banned by PayPal for such transaction

Please Note :- CC used for verifying accounts don’t contain any balance. So please don’t try to use account before adding balance into your PayPal wallet.
If you will use without balance in your wallet there will be chances of getting banned. In this situation i will not refund money or will provide you another account.

If you find any account is not working and if you have paid for it then i will provide you with another working account.
No any refund will be given in any case.

You will be given with  24 Hours account replacement warranty. In case, If account provided to you is not working.
But if I found that account is banned/not working because of your activities then I will not provide you with another account.

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